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Monday, Nov 29th, 2021

DyTech Offshore Project Management Inc.

DyTech Offshore Project Management Inc.


FPSO Offshore Research & Development Technical Services Engineering; Procurement; Construction (EPC) Onshore Consulting


DyTech Offshore Project Management is an incorporated Newfoundland and Labrador company, established in 2016 and focused primarily in the management of offshore oil and gas construction projects throughout Atlantic Canada. We work with local offshore oil and gas operators and their engineering, procurement and construction contractors to assist them with managing various projects from concept to completion. DyTech has over 20 years of experience in offshore engineering modifications, campaign, maintenance and integrity work for FPSOs, GBSs and drill rigs. In particular, DyTech specializes in turnaround management, flare tip change outs utilizing a helicopter and disturbed joint management.

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