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Monday, Nov 29th, 2021

ION Geophysical Corporation

ION Geophysical Corporation


Data Services & Equipment Geological Technical Seismic Automation


ION Geophysical (NYSE=IO) is organized into three business segments, E&P technology and services, operations optimization and ocean bottom integrated technologies. Currently two segments operate in NL and NS. ION-GXT has three digital data assets (LabradorSPAN, GrandSPAN and NovaSPAN) which are licensed to E&P companies to optimize their investment decisions. Our Marlin software which is a data integration platform to control and optimize operations in real-time has several deployments in NL.


Dean Kennedy
Canadian Project Manager

Tim Dudley
Operations Manager

Joe Gagliardi
VP Marine

Adrian McGrail
Account Manager

Ray Pierce
Manager of Ice Operations

Shawn Rice
VP Operations

Dan Virobik
Manager, Marine Operations

Rachel White
Director of Marketing

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