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Friday, Dec 3rd, 2021




Surveys; Charts; Mapping Simulation and Visualization Seabed Intervention & Pipline Protection Marine Survey; Charts; Mapping Research & Development Instrumentation Training Environmental Subsea Structures Subsea Consultants; SMEs Project Studies & Research Onshore Consulting Offshore Inspection Services Services Gas Detection Electrical & Instrumentation


With unparalleled harsh-environment expertise and world-leading capability in remote sensing, ice engineering and geotechnical engineering, C-CORE provides R&D services and technology solutions to help clients mitigate operational risk and to address security, sustainability and safety issues related to regulatory and operating needs worldwide. C-CORE also hosts LOOKNorth, a national Centre of Excellence for remote sensing innovation to support safe and sustainable northern resource development.


Paul Griffin
President & CEO

Paul Adlakha
Managing Director, LOOKNorth

Chris Fowler
Director, Systems Group

Deirdre Greene Lono
Corporate Communications Manager

Susan Kennedy
VP Corporate Services

Tony King
Deputy Director - Ice Engineering

Ryan Phillips

Gerry Piercey
Centrifuge Manager

Desmond Power
VP Remote Sensing

Thomas Puestow
Director Earth Observation

Freeman Ralph
Vice President, Oil & Gas

Carolyn Walters
Director, Finance & Administration

Sherry Warren

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