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Friday, May 29th, 2020

Department of Natural Resources

Department of Natural Resources


Provincial Government

About Us

The Department of Natural Resources is responsible for the stewardship and development of the province's natural resources. Its mandate includes supervision, control and direction of matters relating to promotion, exploration attraction and development of energy and mineral resources including onshore and offshore oil & gas, petroleum royalties and industrial benefits. Continued exploration, new projects, and recent oil discoveries contribute to growth in the province’s natural resources sector.


Brad Kendell
Marketing and Production Coordinator

Lacee Abbott

Nena Abundo
Director, Economics and Benefits

Jingting Chang
Industrial Development Officer II

Andrew Coates
Industrial Development Officer II

Gerard Collins
Manager, Research and Analysis

David Corkey
Director of Petroleum Engineering

Ashley Krakowka
Manager, Energy - Petroleum Geoscience

Shane Mavin
Petroleum Engineer

Paul Molloy
Manager, Petroleum Engineering

Tina Patey
Industrial Development Officer II

Andre Peddigrew
Senior Petroleum Technologist

Jovan Petrovic
Director of Petroleum Geoscience

Angie Philpott
Manager of Industrial Benefits

John Townsley
Petroleum Geophysics Consultant

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