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Monday, Nov 29th, 2021

Vardy Villa Limited

Vardy Villa Limited




My company, Vardy Villa Limited, was incorporated in 1987. We are a successful family run business comprised of school bus operations, bus charters, and waste disposal services for the Bonavista and Clarenville areas. Some of our projects have included: busing and waste disposal at the Bull Arm site; waste disposal at the North Atlantic Refinery and; bus leasing in Long Harbour and Muskrat Falls. Most recently, in 2019 we started a new company, 83848 Newfoundland & Labrador Limited, and took over the operations of the Terra Nova Golf Resort. Our aim is to bring Terra Nova Golf Resort back to one of the best golf resorts in this province. We welcome any new opportunity and are committed to providing expert service. 

Our company looks forward to being a part of NOIA’s community and learning more about what our beautiful province has to offer within the oil and gas industry. 


Dennis Vardy

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